Thursday, May 03, 2007

Limpopo BookFair 23-26April2007

I have just stepped out of the Limpopo Book Fair on Indigenous Languages, where I was honoured as a local author, even though my work is written in the English language. Having met a stream of interesting people, the likes of Professor Neville ALexander of UCT and Joan De Beer of the National Library, among others, the week turned out more than mundane eventfulness! Seminars, workshops and features in the foyer of the building that houses Polokwanes Main Library and the Museum of Art, made for a memorable artsie few days most delectable to the creative artiste's tastebuds. The festival turned out an excellent platform for speaking about my own experiences during the publishing and regarding distribution of Daughters are Diamonds, and allowed for invaluable feedback. Present were various organisations such as Biblionef, NB Publishers (Tafelberg, Pharos, Kwela, etc), MacMillan, Maskew-Miller, Schuster, and numerous others offering their support and advice on freeing the written word. Of particular interest was the book launch by Bibionef regards a childrens book that has been translated into all the official languages, called: "Brenda has a dragon in her blood", based on the true story of a three year old little HIV/Aids orphan who faced the stigma in her playgroup and pre-school. It hopes to foster understanding of the love and care needs of children who are HIV +v and break the stigma attached to their status. Brenda is now thirteen and lives with her foster parents in the Netherlands. The book was originally written in Dutch by her foster mom.
And. I have my own cherished copy of the book!


TK said...


Congratulations Girl; I'm ever so proud of you. I will be looking out for the next one.

Love & God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Dear Shafinaaz,

Great! Best wishes for a great future for the book, for the message it contains, and especially for you.
Blessings in abundance!

Joan de Beer
National Library South Africa

Anonymous said...

Dear Shafinaaz Hassim

Congratulations. I will read your book, I havnt yet. But it is a great thing. May be you will be an inspiration to me who always want to write. I wish you climb on to achieve more from this stepping stone.

Radha S

Anonymous said...

Everyone has a story to tell but not everyone can sit down and do that. I stand here, look at your baby... You've born it! You are a woman. Bravo!

Mosima Wa Molepo

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!

Mmatshilo Motsei

"The Kanga"

Anonymous said...

May God's annointing always rest on you and your family. Don't let the devil take away your God given gift. Ndivhuh - an author.
God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Girl Power. Thank you from a women. Victoria.

julie said...


I dont wanna sound condescending by saying that I'm proud of you, but I am. This is great for you, your personal growth and achievement, but its also great for the woman around you who needed to know that they haven't been disregarded, that they are not invisible. You go girl!

Love always

Anonymous said...

A good cover - still - book must be read.
All the best!
Merna Meyer

diatribe said...


Anonymous said...

hey so this is what all the fussing was about dudette!

my exams are still on! see you at the next thingy!