Friday, June 22, 2007

Cape Town Book Fair

Cape Town was fabulous as only Cape Town can be. I happily ambled along the peaceful highways and down the quaint lanes of the City Centre; took in the colours and delights of the colourful wares of vendors and the smiling faces of just about everyone.. A lady at the hair salon at V&A decidedly admitted that it was the energy of the sea and the warm embrace of the mountain that kept peoples spirits up. I found the atmosphere quite addictive! And to add to it all, my reason for this visit to the Mother City: heaven for booklovers: the second international Cape Town Book Fair! Seminars, workshops, booklaunches filled in between by delightful celebrations of poetry in the form of emotive readings at various venues in the Convention Centre. Like a kid in the proverbial candly store, I was filled to overflowing! If it wasnt about the immense reads and recitals it was about meeting and engaging with some of South Africa's and the worlds most celebrated writers and literary peoples. "Daughters are Diamonds" was showcased with much applomb at the Centre for the Book stand and ANFASA*'s. And was sold at the Small Publishers Book Sale Point. It was able to incite much debate and encouraging dialogue from various people. In addition, the Cape launch was held on Sunday 17 June at the Kramer Law Building at UCT's Middle Campus. I was humbled at the response and the engaging audience participation. With this in mind, "Daughters" will most certainly make it to another reading in Cape Town before the end of the year. My thanks go to Muslim Views, Voice of the Cape, Cape Argus, Exclusive Books Airport CT, Wordsworth Books V&A, The Centre for the Book, ANFASA, Books & Leisure, Donald Woodburn (SA's Dr. Seuss), Dr. Nazia Peer (author of House of Peace), the people of Cape Town and my family and friends for their invaluable love and support.

* Academic and Non-Fiction Authors Association of South Africa

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