Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Cover Me...

hey all..
the prospect of getting my work in print is filled with ambivalence; on the one hand, excitement and joy forseen/ and on the other some amount of anxiety, towards getting things done in the right way, and of course once the child script walks, having to let it go out into the big bad world..
feeling like a lil mommy, i am!
the crawling child shall walk, perhaps it shall be bruised, grazed knees and the works.. who knows.. but this is life, hey!
ive run through some edits with the guys in layout and typesetting..
script is doing ok. sailing smooth as far as i can see.. its the cover design thats wreakin havoc with me: - take a peek and give me a review!


Anonymous said...

these are worse than u said!


kimya said...

anon1- its a tryout/ cant get anywhere without trial n error ;) but we working on a few more in keeping with what i have in mind.. and also regards something more relevant to the content and intention of the books message.

anon2/sumayya- hey there; thanks for the offer, but my publishing contract pretty much covers everything i need along the way/ i must admit though, pretty unusual and brave, even, that u left ur mobile number as a contact :)

i leave the choice to you to remove it. ciao.

Dreamlife said...


An idea of what the book is about would help in picking a good cover. Without that knowledge though:

I like the 1st 1 - though the sunshine and flowers don't relate so literally to the title.

The 3rd one (black n white) i like too, but maybe a bit too Galaxy Jewellers/American Swiss for me - the diamond in the middle.

4th one i like - reminds me of Aladdin; but still doesn't quite do it for me.

5th is nice, but still, don't quite see it as perfect.

as u may know, i can be very very particular - so no hard feelings at all. i think this - for me - would be one of those "i'll know it when i see it" things.

mind you, if you could describe the *essence* of the book, that could help. so?

or is it a secret, until published?

kimya said...


its not a secret//

i plan to get to it asap..

Anonymous said...

no probs.......im not a blogger...so will leave you to remove it for me . . . which publisher are you using?


bibi-aisha said...

Wow!i kno sum1 who's actually publishin a book.mashallah. I need advice frm u! cnt wait to read it. I like the sunset cover n the one with the girl in black n white.

bibi-aisha said...

Wow!i kno sum1 who's actually publishin a book.mashallah. I need advice frm u! cnt wait to read it. I like the sunset cover n the one with the girl in black n white.

kimya said...

sumayya, thnx again for your offer, please watch this space for details on the book launch; and keep your eyes on the shelves in february 2007 for my work! :)

bibi-aisha - thnx for your kind comment/ the covers are generally okay, the sunset one is dreamy, but i think i have in mind something more relevant to the content :) im discovering, tho, that a number of ppl like the girl in pensive thought :)

bibi-aisha said...

Feb-yikes,thats soon. Dunno y,but im feelin really xcitd :-) miss soon to be publishd author,may i request to interview you for islamonline and africa perspectives?

kimya said...

bibi - i'v heard that u dont really miss a beat, hey :P
hmm, i had the good fortune to get hold of ur mobile number from a certain Sir I, when he decided to use up some of ur free minutes :P but i forgot to save it.. *lol*
thank you for the invitation/request; im sure we can set it up for around the time of the book launch, later this month, inshallah. I'v got yet another interview with e-tv's Twenty-SOmething and Radio 702 around the same time. I like the way 2007 is looking already :)

Anonymous said...

hey shafs, i think i betta ask u for an autograph NOW before u get all carried away by the hype of ur book :-p


kimya said...

lol, hey MS..

this is wierd, i just sent my previous comment thru and saw urs come thru at the same time..

*scribbles a barely readable scrawl over ur forehead*

hmm.. treNdy, hEy! :P

Dew said...

Heya Kimya, thats great about your book. MashAllah. Is it a novel or a guide or...what is it?

I love the first cover, the cover does not always have to relate to the content. Its simple and pretty..and daughters are like flowers, you know.

kimya said...

thats interesting advice; i might be overthinking this cover thing; its like i really really want it to be reflective of my books message or content or in some way symbolic..

mybe art and interpretation is symbolic in numerous ways..


thnx, dew, for stoppin by with a thought-provoking suggestion