Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Manuscript

Daughters are Diamonds, the manuscript has been sitting in my lap for three years now. Almost. And the time has come to see this work find published fruition. This, is now a work in progress for a few months already, with a plan to print by late January 2007. The deadline looms.
In an attempt to resolve some of the anxieties that i am presented with, this blog occured to me.. to log the progress and to introduce the long-awaited work. The final product.
Read on.. and wish me luck!


kimya said...


Anonymous said...

hello, i have been wondering about the progress on your publishing. hope all going as according to plan.

all the best


kimya said...

a bit slowed down becos of the holidays but going ok.... just a lil bit concerned about the cover design, tho.

looks are important too, im thinking :P

singleguy said...

Everyone here is So well read, and writing stuff, if not manuscripts then articles. I feel so unaccomplished in comparison, but also so fortunate to have been introduced to reading all your stuffs. All Lady's doing. Anyways, I can't wait to own a copy and have it signed by the author...

kimya said...


hi SG..

thnks for your kind words n praise/
i can only imagine the saved lives and smiling faces of your little patients, so your modesty serves to embarass me because im just a humble writer.

if we plan a launch in cpt, will be sure to let you know when and where :)