Friday, January 05, 2007


This is a diSaster!

I have seen a further seven (like thats sposed to be a lucky number!) alternatives for the book cover and they're totally NOT OK!!!

In fact, theyre so bad, I refuse to post them to the blog! Yep. That bad!

I have other plans, needs to start pulling them out the hat, and FASt!

Came across a totally kewl and rather symbolic piece of artwork online, so while thats in the process of being possibly permitted by way of digging into the late artists estate out in what-was-PerSia.. I have to keep the searchlights burning! Hope the torches dont burn down the house while Im at it!

And so the struggle continues...


Anonymous said...

oh my but this sounds like stressful business, kim

best of luck to you, and i hope u find what you looking for

kimya said...

thanks, anon..

i hope so too :)

request for prayers

Anonymous said...

Uncovered, you say? Oh we certainly cannot have that!!!!!!

In the interests of decency, I suggest that you take a look at your inbox :-)

Anonymous said...

Theres a few ideas, alternatives and web addys that might interest you enough to lure you to some form of um, CLOSURE

Take Care

Anonymous said...

And, if you do not like any of them, at least you might be inspired to something more reavealing of your work and less is more and more is less...

I think you know what to do

kimya said...


thats funny in a cutish kinda way!