Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Journey

' The journey of my life
begins from home,
ends at the graveyard.
My life is spent
like a corpse,
carried on the shoulders
of my father and brother,
husband and son.
Bathed in religion,
attired in customs,
and buried in a grave
of ignorance.'
(Atiya Dawood, Sindhi Poet, Pakistan)


Anonymous said...

aaah, a taste of whats to come!

i cannot wait, kim!

keep me posted on launch date, so i can be sure i am around.


The K-man said...

Beautiful! Death approaches we cannot avoid it .

kimya said...

hi MS, yeah, its only a matter of time.. :)

k-man :) art and interpretation are manyfold. thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

Your book will make many stop and think about what we so easily accept as tradition, culture or roots.

Your book is much anticipated :)

I can't wait !! :D

kimya said...

hey taqdeer :)

i hope so! i certainly hope that people will stop, think and engage in the dialogue that the book hopes to encourage. Be it negative or positive, critique and conversation will be more than welcome. What will irk is if people have to opine none at all. As some quarters of society reveal.
And this is of course, not just a comment on my own work, but about the myriad works and issues that surround us in life. People who choose neutrality can be the most devastating lot!

I can hardly wait now that its almOST there :)