Monday, February 26, 2007

Finally! In Print!

Click on Image to View back cover text


deadcrab said...

A hearty congrats kimmy...let the signing commence!! :P

Anonymous said...

CoNgRaTuLaTi0nS ! ! !

Now the the world has to sit down, read, think and apply :)

You worked hard and long on this - Very well done!!


saaleha said...

when's the launch?

Dreamlife said...

congratulations :)

kimya said...

@crabspearre; me thinks i gna be needing a stamP :P

@taQdeer: thnks u *mwah*
let the clamour and the sparkle create waves!

@saaleha: will update on the launch soon!

@dreamlife: thank u!

Anonymous said...

contrary to popular beliefs, i will ALWAYS judge a book by its cover.... and looking at this cover, I cant wait to get my grubby paws on a copy. Im impressed... Congrats

Joe Soap

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed!
The Journey has begun.
I can't wait to read it and see you at the launch ;)


kimya said...

Hey SoApStEr :))
Shukran, its been long haul.
Almost there, alhamdulillah!

Mr. Rawat :)
The Clocks been tick-ticking/
Will let you kno on finalisations asap! Thanks for the accolades n duas!

Riaz said...

so how can we help with the marketing...

riaz said...

o n btw
congrats again...

my orders placed oready...


Bilal said...

congrats! My God grant you success..
Let us know about the launch!

Anonymous said...

Slmz Shafs

Don't forget my autographed copy!



Anonymous said...

Dear Shafinaaz
Assalamu Alaikum

Congratulations on getting your book printed. It is a great thrill for any writer to see her/his work in print. You richly deserve it since you have such enormous talent.

I look forward to obtaining a copy and reading it. I am sure it will
make an excellent read. Your cover design is also very captivating.

Congratulations once again and may you continue to shine on the path
you have chosen.

My salams and duas to your parents as well.

Zafar Bangash

Anonymous said...


I hope you are doing well, this is amazing! I think this is a wonderful achievement. I can’t wait to hear when the launch is as I am extremely excited about getting a copy and reading the book. The topic is of tremendous interest to me in the last year as I have just gotten through a selection of middle eastern and Indian authors on similar topics.

Let me know when you are around I would love to meet up and chat.



Anonymous said...

Congrats sweets

This is definitely something I want on my bookshelf. Very proud of you and keep us updated as to launch dates.

Aadila T

Anonymous said...

salaams shafs.

havin read your thesis, i can't wait for the book. you are a visionary and an analyst par excellence, so there is no doubt this will open no less than a few eyes. congrats and best wishes.

love and du'aas
your Namibian friend

diatribe said...

This is great dudette!

Now for the details!

Whats next?

Where do I get my copy with a nice author note that I can proudly display LOL

Anonymous said...

Well Done Kimya/Shafinaaz


Anonymous said...

Hey this is splendid!

The cover design took much sleep from you and was well worth all of that! All the best!


verbosity said...

As you know, I will reserve comment for when I have read the work. I am confident that it will be a brilliant work, but it will offer me the chance to really be true to my word: verbose in vein!

Wishing you success!

Anonymous said...

Well done...about time too!

Anonymous said...


I just read an email from Faaizah on your book! Wow, wow, wow…I have goosebumps and I am so excited I can’t contain myself Well done! I am definitely going to get myself a copy.

You rock!!!


Khairunnisa Khan

Mukhtar Ahmad Khan said...


Congrats!!! Well done. May Allah grant you success. Ameen.


Anonymous said...

This is fabulous, Shafinaaz!

Well Done!

singleguy said...

Shafinaaz....the book cover is I'm sure the content is as well...can't believe I haven't checked this blog in ages...

so when can we get a copy? What is the distribution date?

SingleGuy aka Yaseen

Dew said...

Hey salaams,


I'm so Proud of you!!

kimya said...

Thanks for the kind words! And duas.. Been juggling work and logistic arrangements of multiple launches, readings and the like...
Pietersburg 21 April, Pretoria 12 May, Durban 5 May, Johannesburg either 19 or 26 May yet to be confirmed as the J'burg launch to be done in conjunction with an NGO.
Cape Town in June.

The book got done at the printers on the 26th March and I as yet havent seen or held the final product in my hands :(
Tomorrow, inshallah, I shall :P

kimya said...

We just had a casual book signing on Sunday the 8 April. turn out was fantastic and v.encouraging!
thnks to all who made it possible :)

kimya said...

Repeat booksigning event in Jhb, 14th April. By popular demand.
Wonderful response! Love n thanks u's, Shafs.

saaleha said...

so there's still hope i'll be able to make it for the official jhb launch?

shafinaaz said...

lol.. theres still hope!

19th May 2007 Jhb Launch.
Venue to be confirmed in a day or two :)


Faraz said...

Congratulations Shafs! Any chance of bringing some copies over for us in North America?

shafinaaz said...

Slms, Faraz! thnx.. Have not seen you hereabout for quite some time!

Well, two people from my launches have each respectively sent a niece and friend out in Toronto Canada a copy of the book as a gift. And I recently met a woman visiting Johannesburg from Vancouver and she took back about three or four copies of the book :)

So I guess the book kind of made it that way before I could!

Hope to follow soon, inshallah! ;)

One copy also made its way to Bahrain recently, btw.. :P